Parallel programming coding guidelines


This is awesome book from Microsoft on Parallel programming coding guidelines.

You can download here:

Below is Table content of this book

Table of Contents

  1. Primitives for Parallel Programming
  2. Tasks
  3. Parallel.For and Parallel.ForEach
  4. Parallel LINQ
  5. Concurrent Collections
  6. Coordination Primitives
  7. Correctness
  8. Thread Safety
  9. Locks
  10. Performance
  11. Measure
  12. Memory Allocations and Performance
  13. Caches and Performance
  14. Performance Tools
  15. Library Development
  16. Thread Safety and Documentation
  17. Optional Parallelism
  18. Exceptions
  19. Cancellation
  20. Testing
  21. Concurrency Testing
  22. Testing Tools
  23. Interactions
  24. User Interfaces
  25. ASP.NET
  26. Silverlight

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