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Widely Used Frameworks

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It is list of widely used frameworks.

Single Goaled Framework (Verticals)

Dependency Injection: Object Builder, Unity, Castle, Windsor

Logging: Log4Net, NLog, Logging Block from Microsoft Enterprise Library

Exception Handling: Exception Block from Microsoft Enterprise Library

Portal CMS: Umbraco, DotNetLuke, Joomla, Orchard

Mocking: Rhino Mock, TypeMock,

Search: Lucene.Net, NLucence

Unit Testing: NUnit, MBUnit, MSTest

Single Goaled Framework (Architectural)

User Interface: Silverlight, Asp.Net, ASP.NET MVC, MVVM, WPF, Spring MVC, Jquery

Process UI: UI Process Application Block, CAB, WF

Domain: Entity Framework, NHibernate, LinqToSql

Data: Entity Framework, Castle Active Record, NHibernate, CSLA

Services: WCF, WCF RIA

General Purpose Frameworks

Microsoft Enterprise Library, Spring.Net, Castle, ADF, CSLA


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