About Author

Neeraj Kaushik

Solution Architect at Saxo India Pvt Ltd
MCP (Dotnet Framework 2.0) , Brainbench certification (C# and ASP.NET)
Around 11+ yrs experience in Software Development with an emphasis on adopting modern technologies in compliance to high quality standards.


  • Architectural: Solution Design, Architectural Presentations (Logical, Component, Physical, UML diagrams)
  • C#, C++
  • Win forms, WPF, MVVM
  • Web Technologies: Asp.Net Mvc, KnockOutJS, JQuery, Advance Java Scripts Concepts
  • Databases: Sql Server, MySQL
  • Integration Framework: WCF, ActiveMQ
  • Tools/Frameworks: TFS, SVN, NUnit, Rhino Mocks, Unity, NAnt, QuickFix/n, Nhibernate, LINQ


  • Working knowlege on Capital Market Domain: Front Office & BackOffice (Algorithm Trading tools, messaging framework, Enterprise bus, integration of FIX APIs and many trading APIs).
  • Functional knowledge of Portfolio Management, Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Forex.

You can find profile also at: http://in.linkedin.com/in/neerajkaushik


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