PowerShell Sample Scripts

I am listing some of the commonly used PowerShell scripts which might make your life little easier. Files and Folders GetFiles: Get files count in a folder GetFiles("c:\temp", "*.*").Count get-ChildItem : Enumerating files in a folder $dirpath="c:\temp" foreach ($file in get-ChildItem -Path $dirpath\* -Include *.*) { $file.FullName } Filtering files in a folder. Below script is showing … Continue reading PowerShell Sample Scripts


Send Email via Asp.net Web application hosted on godaddy

This article is providing the fix for the issue while sending emails from the web applications hosted on Godaddy server. Recently I faced an issue while sending emails from a website which is hosted on GoDaddy server. I used Zoho SMTP server to send the emails because I am using that email server. I used below code … Continue reading Send Email via Asp.net Web application hosted on godaddy

Comparison: Sql Server in Azure VM and Azure Sql Database

Azure SQL Database is native to the Azure and offered as Platform as a service (PaaS). The objective of this offering is to reduce the overall costs to the minimum for provisioning and managing many databases. This offering comes with built-in high availability, disaster recovery, and upgrades for the database. Databases run on latest version of SQL Server Enterprise Edition. Many … Continue reading Comparison: Sql Server in Azure VM and Azure Sql Database

Azure Website Deployment mechanisms

A website or code to Azure App Service is deployed normally via following methods: FTP: This is manual steps to deploy a website wherein all deliverable files are copied to destination path on the web server via FTP client tools like FileZila. This is a basic way of deployment where you have to know how to … Continue reading Azure Website Deployment mechanisms

Different Hosting Models in Azure

Orange boxes here showing what you have to manage. Yellow boxes here showing what cloud vendors manage. On-premises: customer has to provision servers, storage, monitoring, installation and maintenance of services and applications. Infrastructure as Service (IaaS): the customer can manage some of it, like the actual Hyper-V, the virtualization engine that your virtual machines are running on; the storage, … Continue reading Different Hosting Models in Azure

Suspend or resume windows controls to be redraw

Recently, I was facing issue with third party Image Viewer to apply multiple operations before redrawing of images. Third-party control was not allowing to suspend and resume painting of images inherently. After searching for various solutions, I found a solution that can be achieved using windows message "WM_SETREDRAW" from an application to Windows to allow … Continue reading Suspend or resume windows controls to be redraw

Change Tracking example -Sql Server

If there is a requirement to get incremental or changed data from database frequently without putting a heavy load on database objects, then Change Tracking mechanism of Sql Server can be out of the box solution for this requirement. Normally, developers have to do custom implementation to achieve change tracking behavior. It can be implementation … Continue reading Change Tracking example -Sql Server

Importance of Use Case Document

“JSON, XML, .Net, C++, Java, Middleware”. These are some of the technical jargon which many IT professionals use while having a discussion with business users to implement business requirements. Business users might not be interested into how the system will be developed technically. Mostly, they are interested in if the proposed or existing systems are … Continue reading Importance of Use Case Document

Convert base64 string into file using Java script

Here you find java script code convert base64 string to file. I converted excel file to base64 string to demo example. I did it in c# code. Code to convert file into Base64 using System; using System.IO; using System.Linq; namespace Demo { public class Program { public static void Main(string[] args) { var fileBytes = … Continue reading Convert base64 string into file using Java script