Implement windows authentication and security in WCF Service

This is continuation with previous post on “Security in WCF -I”. Here I’ll explain how we can implement windows authentication with transport level security in intranet environment. Windows authentication In intranet environment, client and service are .Net application.Windows authentication is most suitable authentication type in intranet where client credentials stored in windows accounts & groups.... Continue Reading →

Something about Security in WCF- I

Authentication and authorization are key aspects for secure communication between client and server. The service needs to authenticate its callers and correspondingly allow to use allowed operations. Service level authentication is not only thing for secure communication, messages should also be secure so that no tampering can happen. WCF supports variety of authentication mechanism: None:... Continue Reading →

Get WCF Service Metadata on client application

Sometimes the client needs to programmatically verify whether a particular endpoint supports a particular contracts. Suppose Application administrator deployed application but it was pointing to development environment or some other address. If this feature implemented in application then he can get to know there is difference in service contracts or endpoints. He can then point... Continue Reading →

Resolve AddressAccessDeniedException: HTTP could not register URL http://+:80/ Error in WCF Service

I was facing one issue with hosting wcf service with httpbinding. I was getting below error message "HTTP could not register URL http://+:8088/MarketService/. Your process does not have access rights to this namespace (see for details)." It clearly says service host process does not have access rights to run on particular port. To resolve... Continue Reading →

Choosing binding for WCF service

There are different types of bindings supported by WCF. Now question is which binding is suitable for your service.Following is list of frequently used bindings in WCF: BasicHttpBinding: If clients can be non-WCF. This exposes service to the outside world as if it was an ASMX (webservice). You cannot take advantages of modern WS* protocol... Continue Reading →

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