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How to link reference libraries in git repository?

I have been looking into solution that how can I link my pre-compiled dlls into different projects in git repositories, and, I don’t want to copy dependencies code always in each repository. 



This can be achieved by creating Git sub-module in repository where you want to use it.

Following steps need to be done:


Step 1: Go on top level directory where sub module needs to link:


$ cd <local path of git repo> 

cd c:/bitbucket/mylocalrepository 

Step 2: Create submodule in repository:

git submodule add path_to_repo path_where_you_want_it
$git submodule add http:/githubrepo/repository.git Repositories

This will create submodule in lib folder of my local repository.

When you want to update to a newer version of one of the libraries, cd into the submodule and send pull request:

cd Repositories
git pull