Johanna Rothman on Agile and Lean Program Management

Johanna Rothman explores how to scale lean and agile processes to work in large programs in her book - Agile and Lean Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization. It explains how to collaborate across the organization to create and steer an adaptive, resilient program. Source: Johanna Rothman on Agile and Lean Program Management

Exercises for Building Better Teams

Have you ever seen a team perform so great that you wanted to join it? If you examine the values of such a team, you may discover a perfect balance of orientation on people and results. If you are trying to discover how far away your own team is from this state, read this article... Continue Reading →

How to place Order via FIX message?

Purpose The purpose of this post is to walk-through implementation to “Place an Order on via FIX message channel”. In my previous posts, I have shown basic implementation of FIX messages like Establish connection with broker/exchange Fix End points, Consume Market Feeds etc. You can read my previous posts about topics mentioned above: Fix Message Implementation... Continue Reading →

Nice Article for quick catch up on OOPS concepts

I found really nice article on OOPS. I believe, this is good for brushing up OOPS concepts in quick time. Thanks to its author. I have also extracted as PDF which can be downloaded here. Link: Download link: OOPS-ReadyReckoner  

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