Suspend or resume windows controls to be redraw

Recently, I was facing issue with third party Image Viewer to apply multiple operations before redrawing of images. Third-party control was not allowing to suspend and resume painting of images inherently. After searching for various solutions, I found a solution that can be achieved using windows message “WM_SETREDRAW“ from an application to Windows to allow … More Suspend or resume windows controls to be redraw

Change Tracking example -Sql Server

If there is a requirement to get incremental or changed data from database frequently without putting a heavy load on database objects, then Change Tracking mechanism of Sql Server can be out of the box solution for this requirement. Normally, developers have to do custom implementation to achieve change tracking behavior. It can be implementation … More Change Tracking example -Sql Server

Importance of Use Case Document

“JSON, XML, .Net, C++, Java, Middleware”. These are some of the technical jargon which many IT professionals use while having a discussion with business users to implement business requirements. Business users might not be interested into how the system will be developed technically. Mostly, they are interested in if the proposed or existing systems are … More Importance of Use Case Document

Convert base64 string into file using Java script

Here you find java script code convert base64 string to file. I converted excel file to base64 string to demo example. I did it in c# code. Code to convert file into Base64 using System; using System.IO; using System.Linq; namespace Demo { public class Program { public static void Main(string[] args) { var fileBytes = … More Convert base64 string into file using Java script