Johanna Rothman on Agile and Lean Program Management

Johanna Rothman explores how to scale lean and agile processes to work in large programs in her book - Agile and Lean Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization. It explains how to collaborate across the organization to create and steer an adaptive, resilient program. Source: Johanna Rothman on Agile and Lean Program Management

Exercises for Building Better Teams

Have you ever seen a team perform so great that you wanted to join it? If you examine the values of such a team, you may discover a perfect balance of orientation on people and results. If you are trying to discover how far away your own team is from this state, read this article... Continue Reading →

How to place Order via FIX message?

Purpose The purpose of this post is to walk-through implementation to “Place an Order on via FIX message channel”. In my previous posts, I have shown basic implementation of FIX messages like Establish connection with broker/exchange Fix End points, Consume Market Feeds etc. You can read my previous posts about topics mentioned above: Fix Message Implementation... Continue Reading →

Nice Article for quick catch up on OOPS concepts

I found really nice article on OOPS. I believe, this is good for brushing up OOPS concepts in quick time. Thanks to its author. I have also extracted as PDF which can be downloaded here. Link: Download link: OOPS-ReadyReckoner  

NoSql (It’s “Not only SQL” not “No to Sql”)

This is my first post on NoSql database technologies. There have been drastic changes in database technologies over the few years. Increase in user’s requests, high availability of applications, real time performance forced to think on different database technologies. We have traditional RDBMS, memory and NoSql databases available in market to suffice particular business needs.... Continue Reading →

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